•  Diagrams 
•  Illustrations
•  Charts & Maps
•  Timelines
•  Conceptual Drawings
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Graphic Services:
•  Flooding and Hydrology Evaluation
•  Traffic Accident Scene Evaluation
•  Personal Injury Accident Scene Evaluation
•  Eminent Domain Tech. Services
•  Development & Site Design Tech. Services
•  Studies, Reports, and Information Packets 
•  Civil Site Design and Development

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Engineering & Expert Testimony Services :
Legal Graphics Services

Have you ever lost a case because no matter how well thought out and organized your argument was the jury just could not picture your words? Unfortunately, good, strong cases have been lost for lack of a simple illustration or diagram. 

With my graphics you can win that case!
Civil Engineer
Expert Witness
Legal Graphics
Accident Scene Technical Services

How do you tell what caused the accident? Ask an Engineer!

To help you win your case: 
  •  Accident Scene Documentation
  •  Accident Scene Evaluation
  •  Presentation Graphics
  •  Civil Engineer Expert Witness
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Knoxville, Tennessee
I can provide legal presentation graphics and accident scene documentation and evaluation to metro Knoxville, TN area attorneys. I can also provides expert technical services including expert testimony for eminent domain cases, hydrology and flooding cases, development and site design cases. In addition I can prepare technical studies, reports, and information packets, and provides full service civil engineering site design.
Leland R. Johnson Jr, P.E.