Traffic Accident Cases

Was the Driver or the Road at Fault? 
Ask an Engineer!

As a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, Mr. Johnson can determine if the road itself could have contributed to or caused the accident.

 Eminent Domain Expert Witness

Mr. Johnson is not afraid of the “Power’s That Be.”

It can be extremely difficult to find an engineer willing to challenge 
local governments or utilities. Mr. Johnson is willing to put 
his 30+ years of civil engineering experience on your side.
Studies, Reports, and Information Packets

The right information makes all the difference. We can prepare the right study, report, and/or information packet that you need. 
Real Estate Development Services

In real estate development, pleading your case before the local MPC can be more difficult than pleading your case in court. Let Mr. Johnson help you develop the arguments that will win that variance or rezoning that your client needs.

Accident Scene Services Provided:

Documentation: Can provide accurate measurements, diagrams, and photographs of the accident site and then prepare clear and accurate scale drawings of our findings.

Evaluation: As a Professional Engineer, Mr. Johnson will evaluate the accident site using appropriate regulations, codes, and standards for good engineering design. The findings are then documented in a formal engineering report.

Presentation Graphics:  Mr. Johnson can provide presentation graphics customized to your specifications. Maps, diagrams, and drawings can be printed as large as 36" X 4" (3' X 4') or as small as 8.5” X 11” and can be mounted on foam board if requested. We also deliver to your office free of charge.

Expert Witness: As a Professional Civil Engineer with over 30 years of engineering and public speaking experience, Mr. Johnson can serve you as an expert witness to answer questions and defend his findings. 
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Civil Site Design

Mr. Jonson can provide  full civil site engineering services and specializes in civil site design.
Knoxville, Tennessee
Personal Injury Cases

Could the Building or Structure have caused the Accident? 
Ask an Engineer!
As Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, Mr. Johnson can determine if the building or facility could have contributed to or caused the accident.
Flooding and Hydrology Expert Witness

Mr. Johnson has over thirty years of experience in hydrology and storm water management. He can explain how and why a flood happens 
and what should have been done to prevent it.